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The Strop Kit consists of the Strop & both Strop Waxes.

Our strop is designed to be used as you would a sharpening stone. Secured on the bench with your plane blade, chisel or knife drawn across the strop laden with Strop Wax.

The construction is based on European Beech for stability with two sides of kangaroo leather or pigskin leather, you chose which leather you prefer, both work the same. The leather is grain side out one side and flesh side out the other side to give you the ability to maintain the same leather face to our two grits.

Strop & Stropping Wax YouTube Video Here

Customer Reviews

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Graeme Kaufman
Very pleased ...

I use Shapton stones to sharpen my chisels and plane blades. I have been using a fairly narrow leather strop to polish and touch up blades, but it did not really fit into my work flow so most times I didn't bother.

For me, the HE strop has the advantage of generous width, making it ideal for plane blades, plus it has easily distinguishable sides so one can be used for the coarser grit and one for the fine. Also, I like the idea of leaving the blade in the honing guide for the strop - it becomes part of the normal work flow.

I now have a sharpening work flow which is quick and convenient - so doing a quick polish does not add any significant time to the process.