No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane – Fiddleback Red Gum


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The Henry Eckert Low Angle Jack Plane plane is based on the USA produced Stanley #62.

We believe it is the highest performing production Low Angle Jack available.

We have used the best components available. The body is stressed relieved, locally cast, ductile iron and is precision surface ground flat giving accurate 90 degree sides.

Flatness – We metrology measure our tools for flatness. This tool is measured in 400 points across the sole. Average variance is .00047″ or 12 microns (1000 microns in a single millimetre). The tool’s sole is dead flat.

Squareness – The tool is metrology measured on both sides with an average variance of .00017″ or 5 microns. The tool’s sides are dead square to the sole.

It weighs a hefty 2.6 kgs (5.7 lbs), around the same as a ‘modern’ No.5 bevel down standard ‘Stanley Bedrock copy’ bench plane. It is the traditional length 357mm, and 64mm wide.
The exceptional PM-10V tool steel blade is the thickest around for a No 62 (4.85mm), 50mm (2 inch) wide, 25° bevel with a Howard Adjuster as standard. It sits on a precision machined 12 degree bed.
The cap iron is hand cast manganese bronze. We manufactured the thumbscrews and fittings from solid brass.
It has a precision machined adjustable mouth allowing the finest gossamer shaving or a thicker shaving for quick stock removal.

Handles are offered in Fiddleback Red Gum  & Huon Pine. The Fiddleback Red Gum comes from a massive tree in the north of South Australia. The timber from the tree is riddled with fiddleback but the lengths are short, just right for plane handles. Our Huon Pine choice (it is not a pine btw) is simply our homage to this famous timber indigenous to Australia, its Tasmanian history is incredible. Overtime the timber will turn a deep golden honey colour.
The rear tote handle has enough height to ensure all four fingers sit comfortably. The handle and knob suits both small and large hands due to calculated thicknesses..

The weight is down low in the body, lowering the centre of gravity and increasing the heft and planing power of the tool. The side walls have more area to assist shooting board stability.

A Hot Dog handle makes shooting board applications more comfortable.

Craftsmen, carpenters & woodworkers determined the basic design elements of this tool mostly prior to the time Stanley manufactured the plane from 1905 – 1942. Today it is arguably the most versatile and effective hand plane available. Changing blade cutting angles or blade types makes it a smoother, a jointer for shorter workpieces, a shooting board plane, a tool for hogging out rough sawn timber, a scraper and more.

Customer letter replying to our No 62 Newsletter Post 1/3/2023.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Proud to own this beauty.

Very proud owner of the 30/40 in the original manufacturing run so this review has been a long time coming! Chose to go all in and get all variations of the blades including scraper and toothed and have put them all to the test from roughing to smoothing on the crankiest of grains through to tough end grain. Blown away at the performance, really is the all rounder. I've had it throw endless, transparent ribbons like my beautiful Japanese Kanna but also rough out quickly like the old German Scrub Plane. If I wasn't a tool hoarder I would do away with most of the others and just run this and a couple of speciality planes. Great balance, high quality casting & machining and outstanding customer service. Great to see a brand that supports the last of skilled craftspeople in our community and creates tools that will last generations to come.

Graeme Kaufman
Very pleased ...

Plane arrived today and has already been put to good use! I was so keen to try it out that I forgot to hone the blade – but it was taking extremely fine shavings straight out of the box, very impressed! A quick hone on the Shapton stones and it was perfect. The body is nicely cast and finely machined, a quality finish all over.

I also like the heft of it, it just feels right – I think your efforts at improving the #62 have more than paid off! The tote is nicely shaped and a good fit in the hand. I can see this will become my “go to” plane.

Brian Munderloh
Worth the wait.

A well cast and well machined plane. A little honing on the blade to take off a slight burr it was taking off very nice shavings. It was worth the wait.

All you need is this plane

I have owned the No 62 Henry Eckert jack plane for over a year now and must say it is the only plane you need. With the Hot Dog fitted and a 25 degree blade it is a true delight on the shooting board. Add the 50 degree blade and cranky timbers are tamed. There is no need for a smoother as I can't tell the difference in the smoothness after using the HE No 62 and my Veritas smoother. It just doesn't need a smoother the make a wonderful finish. The accuracy of the machining is such that the blade alignment in the plane is simple and as long as you keep the blade edge square it just sits in the right position time after time.... no troublesome setting up for square cuts... it just sit square without any effort. Best plane and the only plane you need.... unless you also get the HE No 164 which would make a great pair for the hand tool workbench

Alexander Smith
No 62 low angle jack plane - fiddleback red gum , additional handles in Huon pine

I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of this plane.
When I unboxed it , I have to say I was very impressed with the beautiful finish on all the components. The casting machining is outstanding as are the timber handles , brass fasteners , super heavy and exquisitely machined blade and brass lever cap.
The best feature of this beauty is that it is made in Australia.
I haven’t had the chance to use the plane yet , but will report when I do.
Thanks Henry Eckert for an exquisite heirloom quality plane
Alexander Smith