No 507 Rebate Block Plane

Based on the original dimensions of  the Sargent No 507 this low angle rebate block plane has extra features to make it very versatile with the following applications.

Low Angle block plane with a blade bed angle of 12° for general trimming, end grain work, tenon cheeks and more.
Has the ability to be fitted with an adjustable fence that fits on either side of the plane to avoid requiring two planes to plane with the grain on either side of the workpiece.
The fence is secured by two stainless rods that avoids flex which can occur when only one rod is used. Make straight, flat rebates with ease.
Chamfer plane when the 45° fence is fitted allowing perfect accurate chamfers.
Raised panel doors etc are easily planed with a 20° fence fitted.
The body is sand cast from indestructible ductile iron. The cap iron and fence is in bronze, other parts in brass and marine grade stainless steel. Ground flat & square.
Comes standard with a Howard Adjuster for silky smooth blade adjustment.
Nicker blades in PM-10V tool steel to score wood fibres and hence a clean side cut. Nickers are larger (12mm diameter) than others to make it easier to hold the flat of the round nicker blade in place while the hex screw is tightened.

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