No 60 1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane

The Stanley No 60 1/2 was introduced in 1902 and made until the 1980s. It was their most popular block plane.

Our tool is hand sand cast in Manganese Bronze, the only one of its type. It is 155mm (6″) long, 45mm (1 3/4″) wide, with a 35 mm (1 3/8″) PM-10V 5 mm ( 1/5″) thick blade. The sole is precision ground flat to average 13 microns (around .0005″) variance with 90° side walls. The bed is CNC machined at 12° to the sole, with the blade having a primary bevel of 25° makes a 37° cutting angle out of the box. Of course, a secondary bevel can be honed to adjust the cutting angle for different planing requirements.
The adjustable mouth can close up to the blade when taking the finest of shavings or open up when taking coarse shavings. It has our proprietary Howard Adjuster fitted along with a hand cast Manganese Bronze cap iron. All other fittings are solid brass.
This is an exception tool, being a low angle block plane it can trim, shape, plane end grain, particularly handy when planing dovetail joints with combined end & side grain.

The plane has heft weighing 0.875 kg (1.9 lb) making it powerful but still very maneuverable.

The No 60 1/2 planes beautifully with authority and is a joy to use and we believe, own.

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