Marking Gauge System

The Henry Eckert Marking Gauge System has been in the works for a while. We first produced a marking gauge 3 years ago but always felt we could improve the tool and allow it to have more uses.
We wanted to increase the heft of the tool and its fence stability particularly when the cutting blade was a distance from the fence and edge of the workpiece. We agreed that a circular cutter is by far the most effective marker but we wanted to improve its performance as well.
This tool and its accessories can be a:
Marking/Cutting Gauge
Mortise Gauge
Pencil Gauge
Panel Gauge
Trammel Gauge
Beam Compass
The materials used are as follows:
Figured Mana Gum from the terra rossa soils of South Australia’s famous Coonawarra wine region.
Billet Brass
Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Manganese Bronze
A first for a tool of this type – PM-10V Powdered Metallurgy Tool Steel for the blades.
All gauges & mortise blades come with appropriate hex keys.

Made in Adelaide.

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