Hand Scrapers

Henry Eckert hand scrapers are made for us in France. They come in both rectangular and curved shapes. The thicknesses are from .25mm, .40mm, .60mm & 80mm catering for any scraper requirement. Timbers that tear out are common in Australia. Mainly in patches, the tear out can be removed with a sharp hand scraper. Hand scrapers are indispensable for smoothing flat wood surfaces, removing marks left by planing and routing, smoothing hollow and convex surfaces, cleaning glued joints and levelling uneven varnish coats.
Sharpened properly and burnished with an appropriate tool, they are capable of removing the finest shavings and leaving a smooth and precise surface finish. By varying the pressure, angle and curvature of the scraper, you can achieve superb results even against the grain, knotty & cross-grained wood, inlays and tear out prone timber, etc.

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