Pentel Mechanical Pencils & Accessories

The world famous Pentel P200 series of mechanical pencils come in four lead sizes – We chose the P205 (black) as it is 0.5mm, and the P209 (yellow) as it is 0.9mm.
P205 suits marking and darkening a knife scribed line in your work piece. The lead is narrow enough to fit snugly in the knife scribed line. The thicker lead in the P209 suits general marking of wood and note taking etc. All Made in Japan. The P205 & P209 have a plastic body with metal trims. The body is a hard shiny material, abrasion and impact resistant. The body is twelve sided – a rod of dodecahedral cross-section slightly tapering towards the tip. But in the middle, two faces are joined into one where “Pentel” and the model information are printed on, so it’s a mixed eleven and twelve sided rod. The grip section is grooved for improved grip, and is effective. Being a slim design, it is a relatively lightweight but well balanced pencil. The pocket clip is a good strong metal clip which works well.

We also chose the best 2B leads (as recommended by David Charlesworth & Christopher Schwarz) from the Japanese Ain Stein collection.

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