Lapping Plate with Cutting Grooves Instructions

The Lapping Plate with Cutting Grooves is used to keep your sharpening stones flat as well as flattening and sharpening plane blades, chisels etc. Both sides are ground flat.

Grooved side:
Place the Lapping Plate on your bench or table, you can use the supplied rubber mat to keep it stable. Mark your waterstone with around 6 horizontal pencil lines across the width of the stone, rub the stone on the Lapping Plate until all the pencil lines disappear. When this happens your stone is flat.  

Plain side:
Spray some water onto the plate and sandpaper. The supplied sandpaper will adhere to the lapping plate due to its flatness. Give your sandpaper a few sprays with water during the process to flush away the grinding grit. You can then use this set up to remove chips from plane blades & chisels, or to flatten the back of plane blades & chisels. With finer wet & dry sandpaper, 400 grit plus, you can sharpen as well.

If you would rather glue your sandpaper to your Lapping Plate you can do so with spray adhesive air you can purchase our adhesive backed sandpaper for this purpose.

Dry the Lapping Plate after use, it is mild steel which will rust. A wipe down with Camellia Oil or Jojoba Oil will help protect.