Customer letter replying to our No 62 Newsletter Post 1/3/2023.

Good Morning David and HE Staff,
Noted today’s newsletter post on your No 62.  I can concur wholeheartedly, I have just received my own “62”.  I find it the very best plane that I have ever had or used.  Lovely piece of work.  I’ve used it as a straight plane on surfaces and edges and on my shooting board, nothing short of excellent
For reference I also own three Stanley No 4’s, one is actually an Australian copy, one Stanley No 3 , One Stanley No 5, and a Record No 7, as well as about 6 various old timber planes, English, Scottish, German and American.  My small planes are three Lie-Nielsen units, one is the low angle slant, also a magnificent tool.
For your amusement, two of the above, one No 4 and the No 5 wee bought for $35 each on Gumtree.  I used Paul Sellar’s technique to refurbish both, it took about a days work each but they are now excellent.  The No 5 was my favourite plane until I got your No 62.
So amongst all that the HE No 62 stands out!
Best regards

Lancefield, Victoria.