Made in Australia


Made in Australia

                           Australia Day 2020

One of the driving factors that inspired us to attempt to manufacture woodwork tools was simply to make them wholly and solely in Australia. Most high quality woodwork tools are made in the US & Canada. Whilst the US may enjoy cheaper labour rates than Australian workers I do not believe they have anything over us when it comes to pure ability to cast, machine & design woodwork tools. I would put our guys up against anyone who specialises in woodwork hand tool manufacture.

The largest tool in our current range is the Low Angle Jack Plane. We only import the PMA11V tool steel (because it is only made in Germany & the US), the Howard adjuster sealed bearing and the small brass screw that holds done the toe of the rear tote. The tool steel blade is machined, hardened & ground here in Adelaide, Australia. Every other of the 12 items that constitute the rest of this plane is made right here in Oz.
In a week or so we will be releasing a new range of timber handles. We are keeping the Figured Red Gum of course but Huon Pine is returning along with Black Red Gum which is carbon dated to be 10,000 years old. The white bronze cap iron will now be in manganese bronze. More soon.
Low Angle Jack Plane
One of our earlier tools, the Marking Gauge System is made entirely in Adelaide Australia. The Red Gum comes from a tree in the arid north of South Australia. The brass insert and Figured Red Gum body are laser cut as pairs to make a perfect fit. It truely is a system. By changing the blade to a pencil attachment, or adding a length of stainless rod, or fitting trammel points or mortise blades you have either a Marking/Cutting Gauge, Panel Gauge, Trammel Gauge, Pencil Gauge or a Beam Compass.
We have just redesigned our Trammel Points to make them longer so they sit higher and are more helpful when squaring up a drawer, panel etc. and scribing arcs.
Marking Gauge System
The Rabbet Block Plane is a beautiful tool that is extremely flexible in use. Cast, machined, ground and polished right here in Adelaide Australia. Only the PMA11V blade tool steel is imported.
It has superior performance in general block plane work, in precise rebate work due to the bronze cast double mounted fence as well as raised panel work with the optional 22.5 degree fence attachment. The plane comes with a 45 degree fence attachment which turns the tool into a perfect chamfer plane. It is based on the original dimensions of the Sargent No 507.
Rabbet Block Plane
The new Low Angle Block Plane is a great performer. Made entirely here in Adelaide Australia. There may be some individual block planes with a thicker blade but I do not know of one, certainly none that are manufactured in quantity. The blade has no flex, it keeps perfectly on course due to the flat machined sole and the exclusive heft of the plane. It just keeps on planing.
It is now available with exclusive shims that move the blade forward to close up the mouth when you are tackling tearout timber.
Low Angle Block Plane
Kit does include sharpening stone.
We have been manufacturing our Honing Guide for a long time. Cast, machine, polished in Adelaide the only imported component is the UK made sintered bronze bush that we use inside the machined roller bearing.
Hundreds of woodworkers use this honing guide which led to many requests for an accessory that allowed shorter blades to be honed. Our new locally machined Extension Accessory allows spokeshave blades, Japanese butt chisels, rebate plane blades (like our blade for the Rabbet Block Plane), shoulder plane blades to be securely held and honed.
Honing Guide System

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